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Why is this not front page?

The beginning of this flash is THE funniest thing I've ever seen on newgrounds. I'm back to watch it now for the fifth time today.. And I still laugh my ass off every time. The jokes are so well done, and the accents are comedy gold.

You sir, deserve far more.

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jackbliss responds:

5th time today??? Lol thanks! I know this movie is funny and all but quite frankly I believe it doesn't deserve front page or any more than this because it was too easy and fun to make. Be sure to show it to some of your friends though lol

This is amazing..

For a few reasons.
The concept was awesome, the delivery of the jokes was PERFECT, and the animating did such a good job of adding to the comedy.
Just.. amazing.


You can read my review on your first insult video for more info but..
You should really quit with these until you mature a bit. I guess this is funny at 15? But really, it's just useless garbage being spewed at high speed by a monotone computer voice.

And I know at your age it must be hard to not mention dicks and ass every other sentence.. But if you tried you may get a better video.

And learning to animate wouldn't kill you either.

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nggangsterpimp responds:

yeah yeah at least u got my age rite. thnx for that.

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My favorite song from the WoW soundtrack.

And I like this one just as much :)
I can't give much critique, since I think this is just how it should sound.

Good. Could be great.

Just needs to be mastered better. Set the drums further back and vocals up front more. The high-hat was really obnoxious :X

I should also point out that the break at 2:40 sounds awesome.

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Thanks, I don't think I'm going to change it though, I made it just messing around XP

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